A Brief Catholic Christian Reply to Charlottesville

Racism, Charlottesville, and Christianity

In case there was any doubt about the Christian view of racism:

1) Tim Keller explains how the bible firmly stands against racism. (source)

2) Libertarian Christian Bob Murphy has a nice, concise response to self-described Christians preaching hatred of Jews: (source)

It’s not simply that Christians are supposed to show they are Jesus’ disciples through their love, but that on the specific issue of anti-Semitism, God’s chosen people were Jewish. Their Lord is Jewish. His inner circle were Jews. The author of much of the New Testament (Paul) was Jewish, an expert in the Mosaic Law. As far as “They killed Jesus, His blood is on their hands!” well yes, but the Bible teaches that we all killed Jesus through our sins. His blood is on all of our hands, and it’s what cleanses us. So in addition to being repugnant, to hear self-described Christians preaching hatred of the Jewish people is nonsensical to me.

3) Catholic Bishop Robbert Barron explains that racism amounts to a denial of Genesis 1:26 and Galatians 3:28. (source)

Thankfully, this is obvious stuff for the vast majority of self-described Christians. And the tiny tiny minority that thinks otherwise is not going to grow. Charlottesville was about 500 people; that’s about as big as a movement with people openly carrying Nazi flags will ever get. There is simply no comparison to Hitler’s Germany where the media and academic edifice supported the National Socialists.

So, don’t worry, the Nazi’s aren’t taking over, and we don’t need Antifa to fight them. Perhaps that’s the next message we need to send, “Antifa, go home. We don’t need you.”

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