Answering 3 Atheist Memes

I ran across some atheist memes recently. Here are some quick answers. Of course, the full answer to a meme sometimes requires an essay. But in the day and age of short snippets of information, it’s best to say something brief rather than nothing at all (or a long essay no one will read). You can direct them to an essay if they’re concerned about going deeper into a topic.

Meme #1

Answer: God created humans in a state of original holiness and justice. They were not “faulty” in the sense of having a natural tendency to commit evils. On the Catholic Christian worldview, Adam and Eve chose to turn against God, leading to the loss of original holiness and justice, and various consequences for their sin.

God is not blaming them for his own mistakes; He’s holding them accountable for their decisions.

Meme #2

Answer: This meme presents the problem of evil and suffering. The tone that shows the person most likely considers evil as an emotional problem rather than a logical problem (I explain that distinction here).

Here’s the short reply: God does not owe or promise anyone a happy, pain-free life on Earth. He offered that type of paradise to our first parents, but it was lost when they turned against Him in the garden of Eden. His promise is that if we trust in Him, despite the fallen nature of our world, and any pain and misery in this life, we will enjoy Him forever.

Meme #3

Answer: I think Zeus was a finite, contingent God of Greek mythology, and that there is no good reason to think he actually exists (as Aristotle also recognized).

The God of classical theism is the infinite, necessary, creator and sustainer of all that exists at any time it exists. There are good reasons to think God exists. In fact, even if Zeus exists, he would require an explanation (see: the contingency argument), and ultimately the God of classical theism would be needed to explain him.


Some atheist memes probe deep questions in a snarky way. Proposing quick answers to memes can open a path to future conversations that delve deeper into the topic.

What atheist memes have you seen on the internet?  Comment below if you come across any of your own!

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