Thank you for considering my work. I seek to provide you with consistent, valuable, Catholic Christian content that is faithful to Christ and His Church. 

(Me) TCNJ Graduation, Class of 2012

Website Content:

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The Main Focus:

I explore topics related to defending Catholic Christian ideas in conversation. Particularly, I emphasize 3 pillars of the Catholic Christian worldview:

  1. The God of classical theism exists.
  2. Jesus Christ is Divine in the fullest sense.
  3. Jesus founded the Catholic Church.

These three propositions are essential to the Catholicism, and they best understood not as isolated facts, but rather as complementary articles of a unified picture of reality (a worldview). This worldview is considered outdated and childish by many. Yet, it is eminently reasonable and defensible in our modern age. At classicaltheism.com, the focus is how to defend Catholic Christian ideas in everyday conversation.

About Me:

  • I teach high school mathematics in New Jersey and study philosophy and religion on the side.
  • Currently, I take graduate courses at Montclair State University working toward a master’s degree in pure and applied mathematics.
  • I am a devout Catholic Christian and belong to Our Lady of the Lake Parish in Verona, NJ. As a Catholic Christian,I acknowledge Jesus Christ as my Lord, King, and Savior, and I desire to please Him with all that I do.
  • This website, blog, and podcast are a labor of love; I deeply enjoy learning about faith, religion, and philosophy. Nonetheless, my true love is my wonderful wife Christine, whom I married this past April 22, 2017. She provides constant support and encouragement.

May the Lord bless you, keep you from all evil, and bring you to everlasting life.


John DeRosa

Special Thanks: I am indebted to Tom Woods who has taught me tons about politics, history, and Catholicism. I learned blogging and podcasting through his website. He is sharp thinker, a prolific author, and a great family man. Check out his websitehis books, and his podcast!


3 of My Favorite Catholic Philosophers:

“The message of the gospel is that through the life, death, and resurrection of Christ, the way to the Beatific Vision is open to all, by the grace that is given to all who believe and are baptized. Through Christ, the purpose for which we were created and our final ultimate end (i.e. the Beatific Vision) is opened up to us as a gracious gift.” – Dr. Bryan Cross 

“When I was an undergrad I came across the saying that learning a little philosophy leads you away from God, but learning a lot of philosophy leads you back.  As a young man who had learned a little philosophy, I scoffed.  But in later years and at least in my own case, I would come to see that it’s true.”  – Dr. Edward Feser 

“Yet whatever come from the Supreme Truth cannot be false, and what is not false cannot be repudiated by any necessary reason. Just as our Faith cannot be proved by necessary reasons, because it exceeds the human mind, so because of its truth it cannot be refuted by any necessary reason.” (Reasons for the Faith Against Muslim Objections, Chapter 2)

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