Your Worldview Has Problems

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  1. Baxter says:

    In the video (comments disabled, I might add…) Sasha challenges Sam, saying that why would he think that nothing happens after you die, because all that you did dies with you. Really? What about the artifacts you leave behind as part of a good life?

    Rothbard (or insert the name of any dead person) is dead, and all of the good that he did went to the grave with him. Right? According to this video, yes.

    No. The work he did while he was alive is affecting the lives of many people and has created a better world for all of us. So, I guess you could say that his soul lives today in the form of his books and the relationships with people still living.

    So, in that sense, he has life everlasting. But this has nothing to do with a Magical Sky God, and everything to do with the human condition.

    “I’m an atheist and I approve this message.”

    • John DeRosa says:


      Thanks for the comment and for stopping by. I completely agree that the work people do affects others (for better or worse) in the future. I cited the video simply to illustrate the idea of different worldviews. Citing a video (or essay or article) does not constitute an endorsement of everything in it. I do think in a Godless universe that ultimate meaning and purpose (in a cosmic sense) is unattainable. Sartre, Nietzsche, Rosenberg, and many atheists recognize this.

      Re: “But this has nothing to do with a Magical Sky God…”

      Not sure exactly what you mean by “Magical Sky God” but it has echoes of the “Flying spaghetti monster” and other analogies that Tom (and I) would completely disagree with. See episode 272 for his view of God.

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