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Do you want to become a more confident defender of Catholic Christian ideas? Here is a detailed list of books to consider reading.

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1) The Jumpstart Guide to Better Conversations on Tough Topics by John DeRosa

  • Read this book to improve your skills in maneuvering during difficult conversations on hot topics. 
  • This eBook introduces you to the most important conversation tactics to remember. When discussing tough topics, people often get nervous and flustered. This jumpstart guide will put you in the drivers seat of difficult conversations.

2) Answering Atheist Slogans by John DeRosa (Fill out the form on the left sidebar to grab it)

  • Read this book to learn how to answer 10 atheist slogans in conversation.
  • This ebook tackles 10 slogans and provides the details of how to respond. You fill find answers to these slogans and more!
    • There is no evidence for God
    • Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence
    • Anyone who walks into a children’s hospital knows there is no God
    • Where is God? Have you ever seen him?

Conversation Tactics

1) Tactics by Greg Koukl

  • Read this book to learn the skills needed to perform well in conversation.
  • This book provides the most detailed material on conversational apologetics. It’s the best book on the topic so far. It’s a must read if you plan on engaging in tough dialogues on a regular basis.

2) How to Win Friends and Influence People (secular) by Dale Carnegie

  • Read this book to become a more winsome ambassador for Christ. 
  • A classic book that teacher timeless conversation skills. It will make you into a “people person” if you’re not one already.

3) Never Split the Difference (secular) by Chris Voss

  • Read this book to learn how to handle the most stressful, loud, intimidating or difficult conversations.
  • A fascinating read. This book is written by a retired FBI negotiator who knows how to handle angry opponents and red hot conversations. He teaches you the proven tactics he used to talk down hostage takers. He teaches you how to negotiate with care salesmen. You’ll find the principles relevant for discussing the Catholic faith with unfriendly opponents.

Classical Theism

1) Five Proofs of the Existence of God  by Dr. Edward Feser (advanced)

  • Read this book to understand the best philosophical arguments for the God of classical theism.
  • Feser provides a thorough philosophical defense of five proofs of the existence of God. He also combats the common atheist retort, “Well even if your argument works it doesn’t show the conclusion is God. It could be something else.” Feser derives the divine attributes philosophically from the considerations in each argument. He also includes a great chapter that responds to all of the common atheistic replies to arguments like his. This book is the new gold standard for defending the existence of God from natural reason. You will work hard to understand it all, and you will benefit greatly.

2) Aquinas (Beginner’s Guides) by Dr. Edward Feser

  • Read this book to understand the philosophy of Aquinas and his arguments for God’s existence. 
  • A thorough, challenging introduction to the thought of St. Thomas Aquinas and a defense of his arguments for God’s existence. You will learn a lot through this book. You will have to work hard to understand it all, but you will come away with a rich understanding of Thomistic thought. Feser is simply a great writer and defender of scholastic ideas.

3) Neo-Scholastic Essays  by Dr. Edward Feser (advanced)

  • Read this book to see a scholarly defense of positions held by Aquinas and other Scholastics on various topics relevant to apologetics. 
  • A rewarding yet challenging collection of essays. This book covers Feser’s excellent work on final causality, proofs for God’s existence, philosophy of mind, and sexual ethics. You will need to take notes. You will greatly increase your knowledge on these subjects.

4) Answering Atheism by Trent Horn

  • Read this book to increase your knowledge of the arguments for God’s existence. 
  • A fantastic survey and defense of arguments for God’s existence. This book is accessible to all levels, yet it has footnotes and appendices that will delight those searching for more advanced material.

5) 20 Answers Atheism by Matt Fradd (great price!)

  • Read this book for a swift, jam-packed, entertaining rebuttal to atheism.
  • A fantastic introduction to arguments for God’s existence. Matt also explains how to answer common objections. Great material to prepare for conversations. You can read it in one sitting!

6) The Reality of God and the Problem by Evil  by Dr. Brian Davies O.P. (advanced)

  • Read this book if you want to know the best, most theologically sound answer to a difficult objection. 
  • This book shook me to the core. Davies tackles the problem of evil in a way you have probably never heard. The book is advanced, but you will learn so much. Check out this blog post for more details.


1) The Case for Jesus by Dr. Brant Pitre

  • Read this book to learn important arguments related to Jesus and the Gospels.
  • Quite simply, this is the best introductory book on the subjects that it covers. It is accessible, yet deep and well-argued. The book covers the traditional authorship of the Gospels, the divinity of Jesus, and the resurrection of Jesus. You will come away with a better understanding of the Gospels and their presentation of Christ.

2) The Forgotten Trinity by Dr. James White

  • Read this book to learn how to defend the trinity from scripture. 
  • This book sets out to prove the doctrine of the trinity using scripture alone. It provides great arguments for the deity of Christ and the deity of the Holy Spirit. Dr. White responds to common arguments of Jehovah’s witnesses and explains helpful principles for defending the trinity from the Bible.

3) Did Jesus Rise from the Dead? by Dr. William Lane Craig (great price!)

  • Read this book to learn how to defend the resurrection of Jesus from history. 
  • Dr. Craig provides the historical facts and framework for defending the history of Jesus. He shows convincingly that the best explanation of the evidence is that Jesus was crucified, died, was buried, and rose again, appearing to his disciples.

The Catholic Church

1) Christ Founded a Visible Church (article) by Dr. Bryan Cross

  • Read this article for an explanation of the nature Church Christ founded. 
  • The author shows the type of Church Christ founded, which rules out many other churches as potential candidates for His Church.

2) The Bishops of History and the Catholic Faith (article) by Cross, Stamper, and Turner

  • Read this article for an in-depth discussion of the Papacy and the Bishops of the early Church. 
  • The authors interact with a protestant who is skeptical of the historical claims Catholics have made about the early centuries. They discuss the historical evidence in detail, and the article is advanced. However, persistent readers will come away with increased confidence in the Church’s claims.

3) Why We’re Catholic by Trent Horn

  • Read this book for a helpful overview and defense of many Catholic teachings.
  • This is a great book to give to a friend who is interested in learning more about the Catholic faith. Whether someone is atheist, protestant, or Muslim, if they are interested in learning the reasons behind Catholicism, this is a great place to start.

4) How the Catholic Church Built Western Civilization by Dr. Thomas E. Woods Jr.

  • Read this book to learn how the Catholic Church is a force for good throughout western history and not the evil caricature of which she is often accused. 
  • Woods discusses several the barbarians, the monks, the Scholastics, the Church and Science, and many more topics in his defense of the Catholic Church. This is a great book to learn examples that you can use in future conversations.

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