Recommended Books

Recommended Books by Topic

(Recommended by Me)

My Ebooks

  1. The Jumpstart Guide to Better Conversations on Tough Topics by John DeRosa
  2. Answering Atheist Slogans by John DeRosa

Conversation Tactics

  1. Tactics by Greg Koukl
  2. How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie
  3. Never Split the Difference by Chris Voss

Classical Theism

  1. Aquinas (Beginner’s Guides) by Dr. Edward Feser
  2. Neo-Scholastic Essays (advanced) by Dr. Edward Feser
  3. Answering Atheism by Trent Horn
  4. 20 Answers Atheism by Matt Fradd (great price!)
  5. The Reality of God and the Problem by Evil by Dr. Brian Davies


  1. The Case for Jesus by Dr. Brant Pitre
  2. The Forgotten Trinity by Dr. James White
  3. Did Jesus Rise from the Dead? by Dr. William Lane Craig (great price!)

The Catholic Church

  1. Christ Founded a Visible Church (article) by Dr. Bryan Cross
  2. The Bishops of History and the Catholic Faith (article) by Cross, Stamper, and Turner
  3. Why We’re Catholic by Trent Horn
  4. How the Catholic Church Built Western Civilization by Dr. Thomas E. Woods Jr.


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