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How to maneuver effectively in conversation.


What is Classical Theism? (Part 1)

What is classical theism? It’s important enough to become the name of my website. Catholic Philosopher Edward Feser writes: I have often complained that it is not just New Atheist types, but too many...


Why Not Take Pascal’s Wager?

In one conversation this summer, a non-religious friend told me both sides of an atheist/theist debate defended a rational position. He responded like that to the book An Atheist and a Christian Walk into a...


Evil is a Problem for Atheism

In a previous post, I explained how various tenets of the Catholic Christian worldview fit with the facts of evil and suffering in the world. In this post, I consider how the facts of...


Answering Atheist Memes (Part 2)

On the Facebook page for Classical theism, the atheists only seem to interact through memes. So, I’ve decided that I will answer any memes they post! In the future, I can simply respond, “I’ve...


Answering 3 Atheist Memes

I ran across some atheist memes recently. Here are some quick answers. Of course, the full answer to a meme sometimes requires an essay. But in the day and age of short snippets of information,...