Answering Atheist Slogans_2.0

I completed the second edition of my eBook on Answering Atheist Slogans. Here’s what’s new:

  • A new chapter on the slogan, “If you were born in Saudi Arabia, You’d be a Muslim.”
  • A new appendix on “The Bible Supports Slavery.”
  • Other updates to prior chapters, the introduction, and conclusion.

Here’s the updated table of contents.


Chapter 1 – There is No Evidence for God’s Existence

Chapter 2 – I Believe in One Less (or Fewer) God Than You Do

Chapter 3 – I Don’t Believe in God; I Believe in Science

Chapter 4 – Where is God? Have You Ever Seen Him? No!

Chapter 5 – Aquinas Has Been Thoroughly Refuted

Chapter 6 – Religious Belief is Irrational, Childish, Wishful Thinking, a  Crutch, and/or the Opiate of the Masses

Chapter 7 – Anyone Who Walks into a Children’s Hospital Knows that God Doesn’t Exist

Chapter 8 – Absence of Evidence is Evidence of Absence (the Teapot)

Chapter 9 – Extraordinary Claims Require Extraordinary Evidence

Chapter 10 – Do You Take the Bible Literally? Hahahaha!

Chapter 11 – If You Were Born in Saudi Arabia, You’d be a Muslim


         Appendix A: The Kalam Argument “Debunked”

         Appendix B: The Fine-tuning argument

         Appendix C: The Bible Supports Slavery

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